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Paint Pricing

   Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.  Being upfront and giving you the whole price, is the best way to go.  So if you find a better price, be prepared to hear additional costs after they've started your project, and have your pieces hostage.  Not to say that I might not run into challenges from previous repairs or paint reactions, but I won't bid low to get the job, and nickel and dime you later.  The prices below are not carved in stone, but are a guild to give approximate cost.  Simple stripes or layouts maybe less, and vice versa.  All paint jobs with stripes or graphics are double dosed (cleared, sanded smooth and cleared again).  This gives that smooth, deep rich look that you want on your piece of art.  Only high quality paints and clears are used, so that your ride looks great years down the road.  DuPont paints provided and backed by FINISHMASTER on Stone Ave.

The following prices are based on new factory sheet metal.

  •  Single color, 3 to 4 pieces                    $600 - $1200

  •  Two tone color, 3 to 4 pieces              $800 - $1500

  •  Flames                                                     $1000 - $2500

  •  Graphics                                                 $1000 - $2500

  •  Baggers and Dressers                        $2000 - $5000

All prices can vary based on type of paint, i.e. solid, metallic, tri-stage, pearls, candies, color-changing, marbleizing and crystals.

Custom artwork, logos, decals, pinstriping and complexity of graphics can affect price also.

    All work requires a 50% deposit for project to begin.  Remainder is due upon completion and delivery.

    These are base prices and may change depending on the condition of the sheet metal after the paint has been stripped.  Any part that requires bodywork will be performed at an additional $40.00 an hour. 

    We are proud to offer high quality refinish materials such as Du-Pont, House of Kolor and Sherwin-Williams.  Please contact us for additional information.

See Paint Warranty

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